Tooth extraction the way it should be

You know that tooth extraction is sometimes the only answer, and you also know that it isn’t always a comfortable procedure. That’s why you need to have confidence in your dentist, and at Hopwood Dental Practice you’ll get all the confidence that you need.


Trust our highly skilled team

Using modern techniques, your tooth extraction will be quick and simple, and with our highly qualified and experienced team, it’ll also be as pain free as possible, with prices starting at £90.00

The best treatment for you

Tooth extraction is usually a last resort, it may be possible to save the tooth with a high quality tooth filling using either a metallic or natural coloured filling, or even with a crown. We will always discuss all your options before making any decisions; after all, they are your teeth.

Prevention is better than cure

Tooth removal is usually due to damage or decay, regular check-ups and good oral hygiene can help to prevent these issues. If extraction is the only option, together we can look at the options to replace the lost teeth using dentures and prosthetics.

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