Always look your best with our natural looking fillings

Put an end to your tooth pain with a natural looking filling

Whether you’re suffering from tooth decay or have a chipped or broken tooth, a crown or filling will not only prevent pain but will also prolong the life of the tooth and prevent possible further problems occuring in the future. If you’re considering a filling then talk to us today, our prices start at £60.00

Natural white fillings

Traditionally fillings have been constructed from Amalgam which is silver in appearance, however these days a viable alternative are white fillings – these are much more natural looking and blend in with the surrounding teeth rendering them barely noticeable. This can be highly preferable for crowns or fillings on the front row of teeth where they would be the most noticeable.

What the procedure will involve

Fillings are a routine procedure that we have years of experience in, with the entire procedure usually lasting between 10-30 minutes. The tooth and surrounding area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic, and once any decay has been removed from the tooth the filling will be applied. Finally, the filling is shaped to ensure a natural appearance.

If you’re suffering from tooth decay and want to discuss the various filling options call our expert dental team today on: 01706 369636