Root Canal

Root canal work by the professionals

Keeping your natural teeth matters to you, and it matters to us too. In some circumstances the only chance your tooth has for survival is for you to have root canal work. Although a major step this series of treatments is designed to eliminate the infection and protect the tooth from further damage, and our root canal treatments start at £500.00

Giving you confidence in the right solution

You need to have all the information before making your decision, and that’s what we do best, taking the time to make sure that you are comfortable with any necessary procedures.

The very best service

You deserve the very best from your dentist, and at our dental practices that’s exactly what you get. Our highly skilled dentists and hygienists use the most modern techniques in our relaxed and calming surgery, simply perfect for all your dental treatments.

Keeping you smiling

Having great looking teeth gives you additional confidence. Why not reverse the effect that daily life takes on your smile with teeth whitening or bleaching, you can even hide unsightly teeth with our affordable veneers. Don’t forget to ask the team about our cosmetic procedures.

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